PBTN Overview

Welcome to the Plant Breeding Training Network (PBTN)!  Feel free to browse the reference materials located within the community.  To go through a lesson, please follow the below information to set up a PBTN account that will allow you to enter the course.

Building on infrastructure created through the support of the NSF, PBTN was created as part of the Triticeae CAP and is now supported by WheatCAP, both funded by USDA-NIFA.

Please take a look around and we hope you find the materials, webinars, and courses in this environment to be rewarding. Together we can meet the food needs of a growing population, in the midst of climate challenges.

We hope you become a frequent visitor of this site to share with us the experiences of this exciting project.

Katherine Running, Educator Coordinator 

Leah Sandall, Administrator

Jorge Dubcovsky and Eduard Akhunov, WheatCAP Project Directors 

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