Growth Timeline

Red Kidney Bean Growth Timeline, Part 1
Day Observations
0 Dry seed sown
1, 2 Seed swelling; seed coat slips
3 Radicle emergence
4, 5, 6 Radicle growing; primary roots forming; hypocotyl growing
7, 8 Cotyledons starting to poke upward; radicle continues to grow; forming primary roots
9, 10 Cotyledon emergence begins; seed coat sloughing off
10, 11, 12 Unifoliate leaves opening
12, 13, 14 Tiny trifoliate leaf visible on stem apex; unifoliate leaves expanding
14 Start 100 ppm nitrogen fertilizer - every watering
15, 16 First trifoliate leaf present; unifoliate leaves expanding
16, 17 First trifoliate leaf opening; axillary buds obvious; second trifoliate present
18 First trifoliate leaf open; second trifoliate opening
19, 20, 21 First trifoliate and second trifoliate leaves continue to expand
21 Up fertilizer to 150 ppm N - every watering
22, 23, 24 First and second trifoliate leaves continue to expand; third trifoliate leaf obvious
25, 26 Third trifoliate leaf expands; fourth trifoliate leaf present
25, 26, 27 Check axils of the unifoliate and all trifoliate leaves for bud growth

                                        Red Kidney Bean Growth Timeline, Part 2 Flower Buds Set

Day Observations
27 Floral buds set
32, 33, 34 Floral anthesis
35 Floral senescence; small pod(s) present
36 on Seed pods will elongate and turn beige and pink as seeds develop and ripen. Plants will continue to flower and fruit.
75 on Pods feel papery, easy to crack open to see mature seeds