Forward and Acknowledgments


In Part 2, in addition to the photographs of the whole plant, we examine more closely (via microscopy) the internal cell structure and reproductive phase of the bean plant. Cell parts are identified and viewed at many levels of magnification.

Part 3 has all the methods and a glossary of terms.

We have designed this ebook so that each photo can be copied. So, instructors/anyone interested in using these photos can easily capture them. Please be sure to include the caption! Like Part 1, a .pdf version is also available.

We are housing this ebook in the Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture at the University of Nebraska, so that it will be easily accessible and free to anyone who wishes to download it.

It is our hope that by viewing and/or actually growing red kidney bean plants, individuals will get excited about plants and investigate and hopefully choose horticulture and/or agronomy as their career.     

                                                            Ellen, Liz, and Christian                                                                                 


Special thanks to: Dr. You (Joe) Zhou for assistance with the scanning electron microscope. Dr. Luqi Li, Dr. Meghan Sindelar, Mrs. McKinzie Sutter, and Ms. Bailey Feit for their critical review of this document and particularly to Mrs. Diane Nolan for formatting this ebook and Lana Koepke Johnson for editing the pictures.

Cover photo by E.T. Paparozzi