Day 55 Bean Pods

Day 55. Meanwhile, the bean pods continue to get longer and fatter as the seeds mature and swell.

Figure 52. Maturing bean pods. The bean pods are elongating and swelling as the seeds grow. Credit: E.T. Paparozzi and M.E. Conley

Figure 53. Early view inside a seed pod.  This seed pod shows four seeds maturing. Credit: E.T. Paparozzi

Day 68. Bean pods start to change color as they ripen and the seeds inside mature.

Figure 54. Maturing bean seed pods. Seed pods will lengthen as they mature. Credit: E.T. Paparozzi

Figure 55. Pretty seed pods. Given the right light conditions, some seed pods get a dark pink mottled appearance. Credit: M.E. Conley

Day 76. Bean pods feel papery and can be easily cracked open down at the seams to reveal the five beans. This pod is 7 inches long.

Figure 56. The bean plant’s life cycle is complete.  One of the beans (the fifth, on the right) did not mature. The rest of these beans can be cooked (do not eat raw beans) or planted to grow new bean plants. Credit: M.E. Conley