Thank you to our


David Vetter, The Grain Place, Marquette NE

Rebbeca Bloom, Blooms Organic, Crescent IA

Ruth Chantry & Evrett Lunquist, Common Good Farm, Raymond NE

Jim Bender, Weeping Water NE

Krista Dittman, Branched Oak Farm, Raymond NE

Dan Rice, Prairieland Dairy, Firth NE

Charuth van Beuzekom, Shadow Brook Farm, Lincoln NE

Joe Mazour, Walnut Creek Organic Ranch, DeWeese NE

Dave Welsch, West Blue Farm, Milford NE

Paul Huenefeld, Aurora


Ben Rice

Bryce Doeschot

Ruth Chantry

Evrett Lunquist

Katie Richards

McKenzie Rogers

Katie Caldwell

Reyna Quintana

Trevor Spath

Elizabeth McDonald

Shaylee Truax

Mikaela Wilhusen

Abby Maresh

Krissa Gulbrandson

Producers and Series Advisors:

Mike Kamm

Shannon Moncure

Kristyn Harms

Chuck Francis

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