About the Project

Sustainability. It can be a messy concept, so why did we choose to use it in this project? We visited ten various farmers across Eastern Nebraska and paired up with nearby high schools to interview these farmers about their operations. As such we ended up with ten different views of agriculture-- ten different examples of what "sustainability" might look like in practice.

Each interview was conducted in a manner that highlights each farm's particular approach to sustainability. Formatted into short interviews (4-6 minutes) conducted by local high school students, the learning modules provide a convenient addition to a voc-ag teacher's already packed curriculum. All videos are complemented by a discussion document including background information on the featured farm, the farm's website, teaching objectives, discussion questions, and an aerial image of the farm's exact location. The full interviews (30-45 minutes) from each farm are also available for longer, independent assignments. An outline of the full interview is included in the discussion document for easy reference to applicable sections.