Consumer Benefit #1 - Reducing allergens

Using the tools of biotechnology to reduce known allergens in foods

Although there is a concern about foods produced through biotechnology to be allergenic, there is also the possibility and potential for biotechnology to help reduce allergy problems. Researchers and scientists are working to decrease specific allergens in foods that elicit allergic responses. The tools of biotechnology have shown researchers what allergens are out there in a food product. So the potential of going into a certain food and reducing their level of a particular allergen is possible, therefore reducing allergy problems. This could broaden the use of many food products, including peanuts and wheat products for example.

See Biotechnology and Allergenicity Lesson; addresses food allergies, the mechanism of allergic reactions to food, testing of foods, and more!

Discussion Question:

Can you think of another example where biotechnology could be used to reduce a specific food allergy?