The Next Generation

Selfing the F1 to produce F2 should give the following result if one gene pair controls seed protein:

Fig. 1: Segregation of one gene pair with lack of dominance. (Image credit: D. Lee)

Based on the F2 punnet square, we would expect three seed protein genotypes and three seed protein phenotype categories (low, medium and high) in the F2. Furthermore we should see the plant phenotypes in a 1:2:1 ratio.

Fig. 2: Expected phenotype ratios for seed protein based on one gene pair. (Image credit: D. Lee)

The breeding experiment was carried out and the actual distribution of seed protein phenotypes in the F2 is shown below. Does this result fit what was expected based on the one gene pair hypothesis?

Fig. 3: Distribution of seed protein types in the F2.  (Image credit: D. Lee)