Meiosis: Metaphase II

In metaphase II the chromosomes are aligned at the center of the cell (Fig. 12). This time there are not homologous chromosomes to be paired with. This metaphase looks similar to metaphase of mitosis but there is a key difference. What is the difference? (Compare Figs. 4 and 12).

during metaphase of mitosis, replicated chromosomes (an x-shaped structure) are aligned at the center of the cell. In this instance, four E,e D,e and B,b loci are marked on chromosomes.
During metaphase II of meiosis, two cells are present. Each cell only has two D,d, B,b, and E,e loci on the chromosomes. In the whole image, which contains two cells, there are the same number of loci present as in the mitosis image.

Fig. 4 and 12. Metaphase of mitosis and metaphase II of meiosis(Images by D. Lee)