Summary - CRW Part 1

The corn rootworm complex discussed in this lesson consists of the northern, western, and southern corn rootworms. Their life cycles and behaviors (specific to Iowa and Nebraska) were also discussed. One of these behaviors is feeding.  CRW feeding can cause damage to many parts of the plant.  Plant damage can range in severity and a method of assessment is needed.  Therefore, two different root-rating scales were described; the traditional Iowa 1-6 scale and the Node-Injury scale. Being familiar with other early season insect pests is important when managing CRW. Due to this, five other insects were described including, seed corn maggot, seed corn beetle, white grub, wireworm, and black cutworm. Corn rootworm can be a serious pest for corn producers. Knowledge about the life cycle, movement, and the injury caused by this common corn pest are important in developing an effective management plan.