Gene Mapping

Overview of Plant Genetic Engineering

A general description of the overall process of genetic engineering. A basic explanation of the five steps for genetically engineering a crop is provided.

Descripción de la Ingeniería Genética

La ingeniería genética es un tipo de modificación genética que consiste en la adición dirigida de uno o mas genes ajenos al genoma de un organismo. Un gen posee la información que dará a un organismo una característica específica.

Linkage - Part 1

Learn about the inheritance of traits that are controlled by independent genes, linked genes and pleiotropic genes. Examine the key events in meiosis, calculate basic map distances.

Linkage - Part 2

Learn to make predictions about inheritance using map unit distances and genetic markers, assemble maps from multiple-point linkage data, define the relationship between linkage maps, linkage groups and genome maps, and describe how DNA or molecular markers are observed and used in gene mapping.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) laboratory technique is used in a variety of applications to make copies of a specific DNA sequence. This lesson describes how a PCR reaction works, what it accomplishes and its basic requirements for success. Examples of interpreting results are given. PCR's strengths, weaknesses and applications to plant biotechnology are explained.

Real Time PCR - Some Basic Principles

Real time PCR is a laboratory technique that can perform relatively accurate, reliable and reproducible measurements, to quantitatively determine the presence of specific gene sequences. Its value is being recognized in a variety of applications, including transgenic (GMO) detection. It is becoming increasingly important to know what percentage of a particular transgene is present in an export shipment, for example. Real time PCR can also be used to support more traditional plant breeding techniques, making the process of distinguishing allelic variations more efficient. This lesson explains the principles of real time PCR and its' application, with examples in plant breeding and GMO detection.