Analyze Data

In the videos below, watch Kristina go through the process of selecting data to remove from the data set. She will go over instances where you would likely see errors and how to manage them and what to look for when analyzing data.


If you have problems watching the first video click on Data Management and Editing Presentation. 

If you had problems watching the second video click on Data Management to Create Comparative Figures


Now that you have gone through the process of removing bad data, begin analyzing and editing either option 1 or option 2 (they're all about the same just different numbers) below to get started. Be sure to rearrange the data to where you can build a figure as you have seen in Kristina's videos. Also as we watched in Kristina's video, to get a representation of how well a specific cultivar did we have to calculate the mean data from the repetitions done in the field. In the tables you organize create another column to include the mean of the data collected. Once you have the data organized and you calculate the mean, you can go on to the next step and begin the process of creating a line graph. 

Option 1 or Option 2


When you have edited and organized your data and calculated averages, click next to the Creating a Line Graph page.