Pollen and Seeds

Decisions need to be made about how the male line and female line will be planted to insure that Edmund’s field makes the most possible hybrid seed.

Edmund examines a male plant from his field. Credit: Patricia Hain

One fact that the hybrid seed company knows is that the male line is an excellent pollen shedder. A single plant from this male line produces about a million pollen grains.

The male corn plant produces a lot of pollen. Credit: Joel Stuthman



The seed will actually be made on the corn plant where which flower structure is found ...

Looks Good! Correct: The pistil is the female part of the flower and in corn, the shoot has only pistils and the tassel, only stamens.

To get the most hybrid seed from a field, Edmund should plant...

To review this concept click on the link Flowering Principles: Plants Can Be Monoecious.

Looks Good! Correct: The female plants will actually produce the seed as long as they receive pollen. If a male plant can pollinate several female plants, Edmund can grow more female plants and produce more hybrid seeds on his farm.