Testing the Hypothesis

Soybeans self pollinate when left alone so that is what Dr. Specht did. He then pulled the plants and let the fall semester genetics class continue the experiment. Students carefully removed the pods of seeds from each plant and planted them in trays in the greenhouse. The trays were labeled so that they could be traced back to the pale green or dark green parent plants they came from. Two weeks after planting, the students gathered their data. The following observations were made as the data was collected, looking at the two traits separately.


  1. All of the trays had some plants showing the three leaflet and the others showing the seven leaflet trait.
  2. The trays of plants from pale green parents had a mixture of leaf color phenotypes.Yellow, pale green and dark green plants appeared in these trays.
  3. The trays of plants from the dark green parents were all dark green. These results can be compared to the preliminary hypothesis.

Students collecting soybean data.