Revisiting a few things

Before we dive into the R specific details of this lesson or other basic concepts, let's quickly revisit the key steps we took towards using R in the eLessons Correlation Using the R Statistical Package - Part 2: Data Preparation and Correlation Using the R Statistical Package - Part 3: R Functions and Scripts. If you were working on a computer that did not have R installed, you would require an R software install and the understanding the following steps before proceeding:


1. We installed the R software as described in Installing the R Software.

2. We explored text file editors in Data Files and The Text Editor.

3. We looked at a few commonly used R data types in A Few R Data Types.

4. We learned about a few useful R functions for data preparation in The R Functions.

If you did not visit the above topics or you need a quick refresher, we highly recommend you go through the information listed in the above links before continuing further.