Plants can be Dioecious

Some plant species are more like animals and each plant is either a male or a female. Plants with this situation are called dioecious. As with monoecious plants, flowers produced will have stamens but no pistils or pistils but no stamens. These male or female specific flowers, however, are made on separate plants, not on separate parts of the same plant.

Buffalo Grass male plant with staminate (anthers only) flowers. Image by Don Lee

Cottonwood female tree has pistilate flowers (no anthers) that produce seeds connected to a cottony, fuzzy, sail. Image by Don Lee



If a plant species is dieocious, what best describes how it will produce seed?

Looks Good! Correct: Dieocious plants have flowers that are only male or only female. Gametes from both genders are needed for sexual reproduction so a cross pollination is necessary.