Heterogeneity Glossary

Functional Heterogeneity

Variation at a scale that corresponds to the function of an ecological process or property (Li & Reynolds, 1995)


The quality or state of consisting of dissimilar elements, as with mixed habitats or cover types occurring on a landscape; opposite of homogeneity, in which elements are the same (Turner & Gardner, 2015)


An area that is spatially heterogeneous in at least one factor of interest (Turner & Gardner, 2015)

Measured Heterogeneity

“A measure of the variability of an ecological property or process without explicit relations to variability in animal behavior or ecological function” (Li and Reynolds 1995, directly quoted from Fuhlendorf et al. 2017)


The spatial or temporal dimension of an object or process, characterized by both grain and extent (Turner & Gardner, 2015)