Use of High Throughput Phenotyping Today

This lesson introduced the basics of the plant breeding process and the application of high throughput phenotyping methods that can enhance phenotype evaluation. We covered the necessary steps to prepare and launch a UAV flight mission to collect data, as well as the general process of storing, processing and extracting information from UAV imagery. This lesson displayed just one of many ways HTP devices are used to make reliable plant breeding decisions.

The implementation of high throughput phenotyping varies widely across breeding programs. Some programs have very established high throughput phenotyping methods, so they are used as the main method of data collection without the use of ground truthing. Other programs have not fully integrated high throughput phenotyping into breeding pipelines but rather are conducting research to prove we can trust these methods of data collection. Overall, high throughput phenotyping is a tool that is both efficient and objective which can revolutionize the volume of plant breeding we can accomplish.