Warm Germ - Box

Small-seeded crop germination is often conducted in plastic boxes with blotter paper. The materials needed are plastic boxes with lids, blotter paper folded inside the plastic boxes, paper labels, and the seed to be tested.

Due to the small seed size, it is often necessary to use tweezers

he first step is to wet the blotter paper.

Seeds are counted and uniformly distributed on the paper.

A label to identify the seed lot is prepared, and placed between the plastic box and the lid.  The lid is carefully placed over the box to prevent drying out and to hold the label in place. 

Germination boxes are placed in a germination chamber at prescribed temperature, relative humidity and light, which varies depending upon the plant species.

After the prescribed time in the germination chambers, theboxes are removed, germinated seeds are counted, and the germination percentage is calculated