Pests, Diseases, and Environmental Effects

Variously susceptible to aster yellows or aster wilt, powdery mildew, rust, rabbit damage

Aster Yellows

Botrytis Blight (below)

about 1/4 of flower is browned and dried, showing signs of disease

Downy Mildew (two images below)

a plant leaf has a white substances that follows along the main veins.
yellowing along the main veins of a leaf

Powdery Mildew (two images below)

a leaf uniformly botched with a white substance
a leaf uniformly botched with a white substance

Rhizopus Rot (two images below)

browned flower head with caverns.
flower head with white cotton-like substance on it

Rust (below)

dark brown spots are in a random pattern on a leaf surface

Verticillium Wilt (two images below)

Verticillium Wilt - stems

Verticillium Wilt -- leaves

Drought Stress (below)

A plant with living green tissue toward the top of the plant and dead tissue near the ground

Heat Stress (below)

a plant normally expected to stand upright is laying closer to the ground than normal

Leaf Curl (below)

curled leaves